Wilkes Group Head Offices

Two new websites for The Wilkes Group

New Wilkes Group Website

After several years of consultation and development, The Wilkes Group are proud to announce the launch of their revamped group website. The site now showcases all our products and services and details the numerous ways we distinguish ourselves in all our fields and keep ahead of the competition.  Amongst others, the numerous social and environmental initiatives we have implemented since the launch of the old site some 10 years previously.

New online water presence, Wilkes Coffee & Water

To coincide with the new group site, we are also pleased to announce the launch of our new online presence for water coolers, boilers and small table top office coffee machines. We are very proud of our 45 years vending heritage and have therefore brought our water brand under the group umbrella with the launch of www.wilkescoffeeandwater.com.

Recent years have seen a rise in water cooler operators offering service agreements at discounted rates in return for inferior products and service regimes. Wilkes Coffee and Water pride ourselves on offering only the best branded coolers, boilers and coffee machines and use quality fixtures and fittings for quality and reliability.  Our transparent packages, fixed price agreements and customer service and support truly are market leading.

“Water Cooler in a Box” a revolutionary concept

We also see the launch of our new water cooler purchase option “Water Cooler in a Box”, a revolutionary concept where our machines come pre-fitted with an install kit and filter system along with 3 years worth of sanitisation equipment.  The Water Cooler in a Box concept is the only prefit water cooler package on the market not to mention the easiest.  Call us to find out more 0800 440 2521.

We welcome any feedback from both customers and non-customers and of course, the opportunity to discuss our products and services.